Langtang Region Treks

The Langtang trekking region in Nepal it is call Lang tang valley and it i is aptly called ‘the valley of glaciers’. Here, mountain rise, soaring towards the sky. The valley offers pine forest, swift mountain streams, rugged rock and snowcapped peaks, grassy downs and meadows strewn with daisies and wild primal. The langtang vally region has A variety of sights including Buddhist monasteries, a cheese factory, yaks, glaciers and mountain lakes make this trek an exciting one. You will visit Gosainkunda, one of the holiest lake Lana tang vally region trekking Nepal, where thousands of pilgrims throng each August to bathe in its cold and spiritually refreshing water.

The langtang region trekking in Nepal; One hour drive brings the trekkers to Sundarijal, the starting point of this trek, where there are sparkling waterfalls flowing down through an oak forest. This trek offers the experience of being in a typical Sherpa village and many ancient monasteries. It is a golden chance to learn about life in our villages the Lang tang region in Nepal . The langtang trekking region ends at Melamchipul Bazar on the banks of Indravati River then drive back to Kathmandu.

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