A Letter of Belief and Trust

Dear Friends and Well-Wishers of Family Adventure Treks & Expeditions,

Nepal has long been known as a great holiday destination for visitors from all walks of life from across the whole spectrum of the International Community. Many legends were created on the beautiful mountains of Nepal and bold and daring adventurers dared the odds to climb Nepal’s great Himalayas, becoming legends never to be forgotten. Numerous archaeologists have visited Nepal’s historical monuments and returned home to write famous novel’s of Nepal’s living history. And if this is not enough, many visitors traveled to Nepal not only to enjoy its exceptional beauty, but also went on to fall in love and settle down in the laps of the great mountains within Nepal’s borders.

The warm congenial hospitality of the Nepalese people has also created emotional attachments with visitors who have grown to love this country in more ways than any particular one, frequently visiting the country time and again, despite many other hotspots in other corners of the world. Nepal has been home to tourists, ceaselessly welcoming millions of guests ever since the country opened its gates to outsiders in the early 1950s.

Since then, there has been no looking back for the country’s thriving tourism, boosting Nepal’s foreign exchange coffers and strengthening the economy of Nepal in general.

In the light of all these wonderful happenings that saw Nepal’s tourism peak recently, an impending earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale hit the country unexpectedly, despite earlier warnings a decade ago, that Nepal was due a next big earthquake since the last one that occurred in 1934; with Seismologists predicting that the loss of lives and properties would be phenomenal, but fortunately as luck would have it, despite no preparation for a magnitude of this level, much of the country was spared, and the loss of lives were many, but wasn’t as predicted. Much of our historical monuments were spared, and most of our mountains are safe, except for the Langtang region that witnessed a huge loss of lives, properties and some of the most beautiful trails in the world damaged from massive landslide which occurred due to the earthquakes.

As of date, now that most of the debris has been removed from Kathmandu’s streets and with the settling of the dust and damage done, the country is now going through a rehabilitation process and most of our monuments that were partially damaged have been restored through our expert craftsmen and the rebuilding process is now in full swing.

Geologists are surveying the mountains to ascertain the safety of famous trails and check of any unknown damages that may have been caused. Some of our known trekking regions are almost untouched from the great quakes that hit us and those areas that are damaged are now going through the cleaning process and this includes building shelters for the local mountain folks to prepare them to welcome back budding trekkers in the coming fall season. Much of Nepal will be in good shape come the fall peak season for trekkers and backpackers in the month of September 2015.

The Government of Nepal – Ministry of Tourism is also checking hotels to ascertain the safety of guests for the coming season and will duly certify hotels fit to accommodate visitors heading to Nepal. Hence, in the light of this situation, we call upon all lovers of Nepal to visit our country again – at a time when this beautiful country needs your love and care the most, and we at Family Adventure Treks and Expeditions request that you put all your Belief and Trust on Nepal again; and in doing so, your visit will bring hope, love and care to millions of poor Nepalese at this tragic time. Come and visit Nepal, the sooner the better, and be the first to witness the resilience of a people who will have gone out of their way to ensure that you will enjoy holidays SAFELY – with lifelong memories, never experienced before in the new Nepal.