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Family Adventure Treks & Expeditions took shape in 1996, and we are a fully Nepalese owned Travel/Trek Operator who set up shop recently, but we’ve sure been out on the trails far longer than our launching almost two decades ago; experience & a love for the wild has brought us to this proud moment of owning & managing our own show after a pretty long period that spanned almost a decade of hiking some of the most isolated but beautiful mountainous regions in the world.

We are one of the prominent companies in wilderness adventures in Nepal with a team who have spent most of their lives in tourism and outdoor adventures for almost two decades. Today we have grown to become a substantial network of offices and affiliates located all around the Himalayas. We have worked hard as a company that has gained a reputation for its unparalleled services, come what may. We also offer adventure trips to Bhutan, Tibet, & India; Family Adventure Treks and Expeditions has created a superb combo of the physical challenges that come with adventure and trekking with the sublime cultural and aesthetic experience of different heritages where history still lives in practice till this day.

We at ‘FATE’ have gone the mile to live up to our everyday jobs for creating ventures that match our wonderful destinations. By staying grounded to our roots in the Himalayas and Asia, we seek to continue searching for new avenues of holidays that give our clients a sense of values for what a holiday means. We are sensitive to changes and are constantly open to new ideas in the course of escorting our guests to various destinations throughout Nepal & even across the borders into Tibet & Bhutan. Experience over the years has taught us to appreciate the relevance of travel as a platform for understanding, tolerance and openness. Traveling in Asia is a great way of conveying these central values. This is where the pillars of our popularity have been well grounded in all of our trips that include climbing & trekking & vibrant heritage & cultural tours throughout Nepal & the neighboring Himalayan countries…

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The Team

Our programs across Nepal & into Tibet and Bhutan are led by talented and professional Trek/Tour guides who not only know their jobs well but also enjoy it thoroughly. Our guides are well versed on the trials that come on the trails & the rivers & possess extensive knowledge on the destinations you choose. The guides enlisted on our payrolls are highly trained & most of them were born on the mountains & are highly experienced and can save lives if & when required. We go out of our way to motivate our staffs who are all insured before their trips onto the mountains…

Achievements & Statistics

Our 12+ years of operation

5,000+ clients in the world

2,00+ Packages Operating

100+ experts are working

Why Family Adventure

Why would you plan your holidays with Family Adventures??

We have operational bases around the entire Himalayan region throughout Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan. This ensures that we can provide high quality trips of excellent value with no hidden extras. Our trips are all inclusive, so there is little need to pay for anything once your trip commences until its conclusion. Our mandatory responsible approach and years of experience has ensured a safety record that’s comparable to the best & none of our guests has had any major problems as such down all the years gone by. Family Adventure Treks & Expeditions has been seriously committed to responsible travel and true sustainability since we began in the year 1996. Our company policy & beliefs have always been to “take only photographs and leave only footprints”. Almost two decades of adventure travel has proved that conservation outcomes are only possible when travel is managed with a vision for sustainability…

FATE is a constant companion for voyagers and adventure lovers around the world in their quest to explore the natural wonders and cultural treasures of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. From physically challenging treks to the Base Camps or other Himalayan peaks: or to a cultural tour of iconic world heritage monuments of Nepal; spiritual tours of Tibet or an adventurous trip to Bhutan, whatever your destination & choice, FATE will always ensure that you will enjoy the vacations of a lifetime…

Become a member of the Family Adventure Treks family & drift into a world you’ve never known, a world that promises holidays made of dreams as you not only discover the unknown from the known, but also discover the amazing abilities & attitudes of the real ‘YOU’…with us down here, its all family & we’d love to treat you more like a parent, brother, sister, or even like a friend we’ve known for years…FAMILY ADVENTURE has been built on the strong foundations of the ‘FAMILY’ & we are what we are because of this…right from our inception till today…