Visit Nepal

Is It Okay for Me to Visit Nepal again?

lost. There has been much loss on lives and properties and Nepal’s Tourism infrastructures have certainly been affected; but not as portrayed in the international media. Nepal will certainly need the income that tourism brings as it attempts to recover from this disaster, and at this point in time, our government in line with the Ministry of Tourism have requested...

Earthquake Nepal

A Rich History in rubble

Until the morning of Saturday 25 April, the soaring temples and palaces of the Kathmandu Valley were the gems of a nation wealthy in cultural treasures, giving the Nepalese capital a skyline straightaway identifiable just like as London or New York. All of the Kathmandu Valley was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1979 in recognition of the...


News of Disaster from all over the land

By the 26 April, the official death toll had exceeded 3000, with government sources predicting that the final toll could climb above 10,000. The United Nations reported that 8 million people would be directly affected by the earthquake, with 1.4 million in urgent need of food aid and shelter. Transport and infrastructure were severely affected and tent cities were setup...