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Dengue In Nepal for Travelers.

Nepal recently went through another epidemic following Covid 19. The country was infected with the Dengue virus which started surging when monsoon season arrived. June saw the rise of Dengue in different parts of Nepal. During mid-summer, the capital city of Nepal was the most infected by the virus. Every 3 in 5 people have been affected by the Dengue virus. All seven provinces were affected by a total of 28,109 confirmed and suspected dengue cases between January and September 2022, as well as 38 confirmed dengue-related fatalities. 

Dengue affected the people, their well-being, and the whole country. Even though the capital city was most affected by the virus, the virus was spreading throughout the country rapidly. This not just affected the locals, but also the tourists visiting the country. However, Dengue has calmed in comparison to the monsoon season. Winter has started and Dengue is finally in control. But that does not mean that you are fully immune to Dengue. There are still precautions you need to take in order for your hike and trek within Nepal. Here are some ways to prepare yourself for Dengue during your Trek. 

  • Plan your trip ahead of time

 You will be more prepared for what is ahead if you have planned your journey and the destination beforehand. It will also help you better prepare for the trip if you are aware of your surroundings beforehand. Check the statistics for Dengue in the region where you want to hike during this epidemic by looking up that location. If the area is still significantly affected by the virus, you should change your plans and choose an alternative location. 

  • Prepare your body for the trek

 If you lack physical fitness, trekking might frequently be difficult for you. You must be in top physical shape and be highly prepared, especially when an epidemic is involved. Regular exercise and quick treks that will get you ready for your trek can help you prepare your body. Depending on the region you have picked for your walk, your body must be prepared for the harsh circumstances you may encounter. Make sure you are in good health and not suffering from any illness. Eat the correct meals to strengthen your immunity and give you more energy. Exercise and food monitoring will be quite helpful in getting ready for the hike. 

  • Carry Mosquito Repellent and basic medicines

 Always be sure to prepare yourself in advance even if there may be less possibility that you will become ill or contract an illness while on your trip, it is better to be prepared than to regret it afterward. Carrying mosquito repellant on your walk would be very helpful, as mosquitoes are the primary vector for the development of dengue. In every pharmacy around Nepal, you may get a lotion to ward off mosquitoes. Additionally, you must go with certain essential medications, including Cetamol pills. You must be prepared with the best tools you can because there is no specific treatment for dengue. High fever is one of the main signs of dengue. So, it might be wise to have Cetamol pills with you. Likewise, carrying different energy boosting supplements such as Jeevan Jal would also help you prepare better for Dengue. 

  • Prepare comfortable wear for your trek

 Another crucial item to think about in advance is what you’ll wear on your walk. Your footwear and clothing choices may sometimes make or ruin your trip. You should take clothing that covers your skin but isn’t burdensome on your body when strolling, especially during the pandemic. The less exposed skin you have, the fewer opportunities mosquitoes will have to bite you and spread dengue. Therefore, it’s crucial to carry the appropriate clothing. Always pack extra sets of clothing in case the ones you are wearing are damaged by the weather. If you need to, you can use this to change into new ones. 

  • Check your trail conditions 

In humid areas, there are typically more mosquitoes. You might want to delay your walk through wet and rainy locations for the time being. Check the local weather history and stay current on the state of your path. If it rains frequently where you are, it will be difficult for you to hike, and more likely to be infested with insects and mosquitoes. So, the best course of action, for the time being, would be to choose a path with decent weather. Along with being protected from insects, you will also have a better chance of being safe due to other uncontrollable situations. 

By taking these courses of action in your mind before your trek, you will be able to make the most out of your trip while also being prepared for the epidemic. 

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