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How to make your Manaslu Circuit Trek more meaningful?

Thrilling view from Manaslu circuit pass.

How to make your Manaslu Circuit Trek more meaningful?
Nepal is a trekking heaven. Nepal’s most famous trekking and hiking spots are Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Sanctuary, Mardi Himal, Manaslu Circuit, and many others. Even though trekking is always fun, there are still different ways to enhance your travel.

Manaslu trekking circuit is one of the popular trekking and hiking places. The Manaslu circuit offers you the experience of a lifetime and the circuit also has a lot to offer in terms of scenery, encounters with different local people, new culture, new food, and many more. The hike will not just be a normal hike but it will also be one of those hikes where you create a lot of new memories and learn about new cultures and foods. However, it is very important to plan things out before carrying out a trek. We have listed some of the best ways to make the most of our Manaslu circuit trek.

● Prepare your body for the trek
Not everyone is used to Trekking and staying active. While some people may not have a hard time trekking, people who have never really trekked long distances before might have a hard time trekking straight to the Manaslu trekking circuit. So the best way to prepare for the trek is to prepare your body for it.

Going on short hikes, exercising, and staying fit can usually help your body prepare for the trek. Staying active and working your muscles is very important before you go on a long trek and for a trek to the Manaslu circuit, you certainly need to be exercising and preparing yourself.

● Pack the right equipment for the Trek
There are several pieces of trekking equipment you have to be prepared for before going on a trek. Appropriate clothes for trekking, proper comfortable trekking shoes, trekking gear, a backpack, and several other essentials should be properly planned before going on the Manaslu trekking circuit. Trekking requires you to walk in higher altitudes, in steep or narrow hills and you should always be prepared for any kind of environment while on a trek.

● Learn about the cultures in Manaslu beforehand

Tibeto-Burmans, often known as Mongoloids, are the two largest ethnic groups in Nepal, followed by Indo-Aryans in the south. Many traditions have been passed down from one side to the other and have evolved as a result of the land, climate, and resources that were accessible. Here in Manaslu, Buddhism is by far the most popular religion. The stunning monasteries in this region serve as a meeting place for the local pilgrims. These monasteries exhibit a strong sense of tradition and a way of life. Manaslu is rich in culture and
diversity. The people there are also very welcoming and the Trekkers can definitely learn about the cultures before heading to the Manaslu trekking circuit. This will help them adapt to the culture better and also understand and respect them.

● Lend a helping hand to the victims of the Earthquake in Manaslu

Due to the earthquake on April 25 and several significant aftershocks since then, numerous hotels along the Manaslu Trekking Route in the Gorkha region have been devastated. Along the Manaslu Trekking Route, structures worth billions of rupees were damaged in the Arughat Bazaar-Samagaun region. Up to 128 hotels built in the areas of Arughat, Arkhet, Sotibazaar,
Lapubesi, Machhakhola, Jagat, Film, Chumchet, Chhekampar, Bihi, Prok, Syala, Samagaun, Samdo, and Dharmashala are entirely destroyed. If you are a fan of social work and really want to make your trek memorable, you can lend a helping hand to your trek memorable, you can lend a helping hand for the people in Manaslu. You could help them in any way, which could be both monetary or non-monetary way. Even though a lot of buildings have already been rebuilt and the people are already adapting to the
damages, they could always use some help.

● Enjoy the regional food
Food is where the heart is. Likewise, to make your Manaslu trek memorable, you also need a proper diet and your tummy needs to be happy. But you don’t have to worry as the Manaslu trek trail has a lot of hotels where you can find a variety of foods. Ranging from western dishes to authentic dishes of the Manaslu region, you can find it all there. The taste of local dishes will really make your trip memorable. In today’s day, there are a lot of hotels and little cafés throughout the trail. You can always stop for some hot tea or soup in between your trek. If you want a hearty meal, you can always stop by at a restaurant along the trail. The menu has a long list of foods you can choose from. So, for all the picky eaters, Manaslu trail still has a variety of food options to offer.

● Enjoy the cultural Danfe concert in Manaslu
Manaslu is rich in culture and tradition. People, there are also very welcoming and they love to welcome all the people visiting or exploring their trekking trail. You can make the most out of your trek by also sitting down for a local Danfe concert in Manaslu. The “A” Grade Sapele wood used to craft the Manaslu Danfe Concert ukulele produces the greatest tones when you strum on its nylon string. People in Manaslu use the instrument and produce beautiful music and give out a great performances. You can always be open to the cultural performance in between your trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

● Enjoy the nature and scenery throughout the trek
What makes the Manaslu trek so beautiful is the scenery that comes with it. Exploring the trails throughout the trek is a beauty in itself. The luscious green forest and all the scenery you will see as you progress deeper into the trail is a truly life-changing experience. Manaslu offers you a great trek where you will not just feel connected to nature in itself, but will also be seeing scenery that will leave a mark on you forever. If you love nature and love exploring every bit of it, the Manaslu trail will definitely live up to your expectations.

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