Arjun Simkhada

Founder/Managing Director

Arjun Simkhada

Arjun Simkhada was born into a close knit family with a background in Agriculture. The picturesque lively village of Fulkharka which is cozily perched in the laps of the Ganesh Himal in Dhading district is where Arjun Simkhada took his birth in the month of April, 1979.

ArjunArjun’s growing as a child into a matured adult in Nepal’s tourism circuit took shape in the kind of environment that he grew up in, but before he could enter the highly competitive tourism profession in Nepal’s tourism structure, he came to kathmandu to do his college studies after completing his higher education in his home district of Dhading;

Arjun Simkhada instinctively knew just working in tourism without a decent education would be similar to attempting Mt. Everest without climbing boots…and yes, oxygen. His common sense went a step further in realizing that with an education he could serve the hordes of tourists visiting his home district and his country from a more practical and professional perspective; and this became the platform for his joining a trekking company as a freelance porter and after learning the hard way, the ways of the mountains where he grew up in, he finally was promoted to a licensed full blown guide on a professional freelance basis…where his trekking exploits not only covered the length and breadth of Nepal but extended across the borders into the Himalayan countries of Tibet, Bhutan, china & India…this was the perfect setting for Arjun Simkhada to reach the higher echelons of the trade with growing experience he accumulated over the painful years as a porter with the final transition into a down-to-earth guide of substance. And the base was created to jump the boat and get onto a bigger ship in the seas of ambition…

Arjun Simkhada, after soon sharpening his English and Japanese language skills, set about launching his own company called ‘Family Adventure Treks & Expeditions’ in the year of 2008, registered with the Department of Tourism – Government of Nepal, and also affiliated to primary tourism associations in Nepal, namely: TAAN/ NMA/ and the NTB, and this completed the full cycle of his career that was built in sweat and tears. Since then, Mr. Simkhada hasn’t looked back for a moment but went onto grow into well known company escorting trekkers and tourists through some of the most challenging ventures on the vast Himalayas of Nepal’s tourism landscapes.

But success didn’t cloud Arjun’s thought process, and neither did he forget the poverty he saw in the village where he grew up in, and the poverty stricken areas he visited in the course of his guiding backpackers on the numerous trekking circuits of Nepal’s Himalayas. This young entrepreneur went on to volunteer and support education and health projects in his home district and other corners of the various remote regions he visited by contributing a portion of his profits for the development of children who were less fortunate in life. Arjun went on to help in establishing schools in his village and other remote corners of the Himalayas while simultaneously organizing trekking expeditions and exclusive heritage tours in a country where the chief bread earner for the country’s foreign exchange coffers was Tourism…more than any other industrial sector in the country and today Arjun Simkhada and his company FAMILY ADVENTURE TREKS & EXPEDITIONS P. LTD. Are on the frontline of Nepal’s tourism structures with avenues to go even further in a poor country where hope and destiny sees a bright future in Nepal’s global success as a leading destination for some of the most sought after holidays in the world…