Gopal Thapa

Managing Director

Gopal Thapa was born on a starry moonlit night 36 years ago in the pretty village of Phulkharka-Dhading district which nestles in the laps of the towering Ganesh Himal and the nearby mighty Manaslu peak. Dhading is known for its scenic landscapes and thriving agriculture. Born into a large family of four brothers, two sisters and parents, Gopal’s mother and father are farmers by profession who tilled the land to rear and educate their children.

Nepal’s beautiful but extreme geographical conditions sometimes compel families in mountainous regions to make tough decisions with limited choices that give more preference to income sources over the academic – Gopal attended the local village government school and went on to complete his high school with a School Leaving Certificate [SLC] in 2001. This is where Gopal’s story began on the wings of a prayer in the risky world of Nepal’s daredevil adventure circuits…

Gopal could have pursued further education after completing high school, but soon discovered the drums of destiny in life were beating on the mountains; and began working as a freelance porter at an early age in the same year he completed his high school; he soon learned the hard way about the mountains where he grew up as a child.

Gopal Thapa attended a Trekking Guide Training course and was soon elevated to a Government Licensed Guide [a license considered very important in this part of the world] in 2008. Having become a full blown government recognized guide, Mr. Thapa soon learned how much the mountains teach us about life, and aimed for the high Himalayan skylines he watched as a child. Gopal soon began climbing Nepal’s famous trekking peaks – this included Island peak, Mera peak, Lobuche East/West, Pisang peak, Thorung peak,Chulu West and Yala peak. The road to success in this part of the world is always a thorny one and Mr. Thapa knew his first arduous journey on the complex trails of life began in the year 2001, but this was only the beginning to a long and winding road to the pinnacle of success. With his successful accomplishment of climbing peaks, Gopal knew the next best thing to do was to obtain a mountain climbing certification and this was achieved in 2011 with a prestigious mountain climbing course conducted by the Nepal Mountaineering Association [NMA].

Mr. Thapa, Armed with well earned Government of Nepal Certificates for Trekking and Climbing, knew that the time had finally come to define his own destiny.

Today, Gopal Thapa and his company “Family Adventure Treks and Expeditions” ,are on the front-line of Nepal’s Tourism sector with avenues to go even further in a beautiful country where hope and destiny sees a bright future in Nepal’s global success as a leading destination for some of the most famous adventure circuits on planet earth…