Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is definitely one of the most charming countries on the planet, gifted by God with an unbelievable variety of geographical gems and a friendly, and an easy going population. From the top most points on Earth to the steamy jungle lowlands along the Indian border, this Himalayan landlocked nation has attracted travellers and backpackers from around the world. The Himalayas are comfortable turf for anyone who has a deep sense of nature and a love for the wild. This mighty range is peaked at 8848m by Mount Everest, the undisputed king of all peaks and the greatest mountain on Earth. Its rough peak is a glorious sight at any angle, whether soaring above Everest Base camp or the aim of a technical North col ascent on an expedition. The famous Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgary laid the base for what the world know so well today as ‘The Everest Base Camp’ which is from where the Everest Expedition actually started from when it was first sumitted.

Trekking through this amazing country will take you through areas that have gripped the imagination of trekkers, explorers and mountaineers for centuries. This is a wonderful chance to observe numerous cultures of the many ethnic groups and get gob smacked at the towering peaks which all form a wonderful awesome combo called – Nepal. The Langtang region, also a well known trekking destination in Nepal’s vast Himalayas is known for its unique ecosystems and sublime trails…

A lot of the trails that climb to altitudes of around 5,000 meters will display before you fine lush green cultivated terraces and you get to experience life in the colourful vibrant villages that you pass through. The local folks welcome you from the heart.

Walking through the Himalayas can be as easy as going for a two day stroll close to Kathmandu or medium to strenuous treks above the timberline, all designed according to your time span, interest and fitness. There are so many options when hiking around in Nepal…the Annapurna region is known for its exquisite natural beauty and famous peaks where some of the most famous treks in this region include the ‘Annapurna Circuit and the Royal Trek that became famous when Prince Charles of Great Britain said this area was the best in the world for hiking according to his own experiences.

The trails that are hiked through are not sign posted roads, but rather foot trails leading from village to village – paths that you tread have been walked by local people for centuries. Trekking at times is not always a breeze as your mental and physical energy can be sapped but the rewards will be many fold and will remain eternally in your life, long enough to pass down to the generations to come.

Trekking in Nepal with ‘Family Adventure Treks and Expeditions’ takes you through the mountains like no one else…we simply do it from the heart…because this is the way the wilderness likes it best.