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Why Choose Mera Peak Climbing?

Popular among the travelers as one of the finest viewpoints in the country; Mera Peak, the highest climbing peak in Nepal, is a great opportunity for the daring ones who wish to travel over the Himalayas.

Mera peak has been found to be one of the most trending peaks among the visitors for some reasons, which have been presented below.

  1. Achievability:

Achievability plays a major role in the number of climbers desiring to make a climb. Mera Peak climbing package is an opportunity for non-professional climbers with no past experience.

Providing justice to the high altitude, Mera Peak is surely a physically challenging one and has been graded as ‘PS’ Physically Strenuous peak. But, the less technical requirements of this peak make it more achievable. Being a less technical peak, climbers do not need to possess any past mountaineering experience.

In fact, Mera Peak is considered as a relatively more achievable one compared to other 6000 m peaks. Though the peak is considered as an achievable one, there are some major factors that determine the achievability or difficulty of climb:

  • Chosen Time Duration:

Longer the time period, more achievable is the climb. That does not mean that a climber should give their 30 days time period for a climb which can be successful in 17 days.

In order to have a successful and safe high altitude climb, one needs to be well aware about the importance of acclimatization. The designation of itinerary should be done smartly by a well experienced individual. You can totally trust us with that because we design our itinerary considering acclimatization and also avoiding any extra non-required days for the climb to be convenient.

  • Route:

There are different routes available in order to climb Mera Peak. Some are short but difficult ones, whereas some routes do not favor acclimatization. So, the route you choose to climb has a huge impact on achievability.

The route we have been facilitating with for years is considered as the most convenient one and is chosen by a lot of well-known climbers. Our suggested route makes it easy for the climbers by spending about 4 days in an altitude of 2,700-3,200 m, 2 days in an altitude of 3,200-4,900 m and about 3 days in an altitude of 4,900-6,476 m before reaching the peak. Choosing the route that favors enough acclimatization by being able to spend required time in different altitude regions makes your trek and climb more achievable.

  • Distance to be covered:

An estimated 78 miles of walk through the rough land of Everest region is something that you can expect from this tour. This is quite a long distance and in order to make it easier by coping up with the distance, preparing by making a habit of walking on rough lands for some hours can be helpful.

  • Weather:

Great weather assures a quality and convenient trek and climb. But, weather in the places with high altitude is quite unpredictable. With changing and harsh weather conditions, the journey becomes more challenging and tough.

Thus, pre research on the seasons with better weather should be done. Spring i.e. March to May and autumn i.e. September to November are considered as the most favorable time to climb Mera Peak; with stable weather, dry environment and clear skies.

  • Physical Fitness:

Physical fitness cannot be neglected when it comes to treks and climbs. Moreover, Mera Peak is considered as a physically challenging climb.

If you are physically fit and have the dedication to explore the Himalayas, you can go for it. Good level of stamina and sound mental health can be some major plus points in order to have a successful climb.

  • Proper Climbing Essentials:

Proper gears are the key to an untroubled climb. Preparing yourself with the suitable climbing gears for a trek ensures your safety, convenience and achievability to a vast extent.

  1. Best View:

Offering the climbers with one of the best view in the Himalayas highlighting 5 of the 6 world’s highest leading peaks; namely Mount Everest (8,848 m), Mount Kanchenjunga (8,586 m), Mount Lhotse (8,516 m), Mount Makalu (8,485 m) and Mount Cho Oyu (8,188 m); along with other snow-capped mountains, glaciers, hilly region and the one and only Tibetan Pleateau “the roof of the world”; the view from the top of Mera Peak is unquestionably a rewarding one and is worth all of the efforts and time one puts into it.

Regarded as an opportunity to catch a single glimpse of the top of the world, the mighty Mount Everest (8848 m), Mera Peak attracts a lot of climbers every year and is definitely worth a try.


  1. Thrilling Journey:

Mera Peak climbing journey takes you away from the daily hubbub of the cities, your busy schedules and your heavy responsibilities. It takes you to complete wilderness.

Walking amidst the lush green forests, the forests full of bamboo and having an opportunity to enjoy the vibrancy that the nature possesses through the bright red bunch of rhododendrons along with a great view of the magnificent Himalayas covered by diamond-sparkly snow sums up to a beautiful journey.

Including flora and fauna, exploring the typical Nepalese community and their culture, while passing through the remote villages, is something that one can expect from this journey. The Mera Peak journey is definitely a culturally charming one.


  1. Great Opportunity to Start:

Noting the fact that Mera Peak is considered to be a less technical peak which means that climbers with no past mountaineering experience can go for it, Mera Peak is a great option if you want to start your adventurous travel life. Also with the assistance of our professional guides, your climb shall be easier and safer.

With good level of fitness as a mandatory factor and with the help of proper gears, Mera Peak is achievable and thus is a great opportunity to start.


  1. Lifelong Memories:

An adventurous journey of 17 days, bags packed with the motive to explore the pure calming aura of the Himalayas, with a dream to stand tall at an altitude of above 6000 m to catch a single glimpse of the world’s leading mountains, travelling through places you have never seen before must be giving you a bad full of memories and thousands of pictures to cherish for lifetime.


  1. Unrivalled Experience; Best of its kind:

Summing up the best view from the top, the culturally enlightening journey, the vibrancy in the environment from rhododendrons and thick forests, nights spent amidst the Himalayas at a high altitude with clear view of the stars, trying out different types of food, waking up every morning with a strong dedication to explore more parts of the nature and leaving luxury for days; the experience you get from Mera Peak climb is completely unique one and is unrivalled by any other climbing packages.

Simply stating, the Mera Peak Climbing package is the best of its kind!

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From designing the itinerary prior to acclimatization and assisting you to prepare with proper gears required for the climb to guiding your way to the top ensuring your safety, we got you covered! Family Adventures is one of the many options you have, but surely one of the most reliable ones operating through ages. Feel free to contact us anytime for any queries related to the package. We are here to facilitate you!

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