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Is It Okay for Me to Visit Nepal again?

lost. There has been much loss on lives and properties and Nepal’s Tourism infrastructures have certainly been affected; but not as portrayed in the international media. Nepal will certainly need the income that tourism brings as it attempts to recover from this disaster, and at this point in time, our government in line with the Ministry of Tourism have requested foreign governments to support Nepal by removing negative advisories as the Government of Nepal has ensured the world that Nepal is still a safe destination to spend an unforgettable holiday, just like it was before.

The earthquakes that hit Nepal are now history and it has now been almost 2 months till date when the disaster occurred. The dust has settled and tourists visiting Nepal come the falls of the peak season will soon be witness to a new Nepal and one of the safest countries in the world to travel. Some of our heritage sites are going through the repair process and our prime monuments that escaped the destructive quakes have been opened by the government for tourists to visit once again and see for themselves that our history still stands preserved waiting for visitors to watch in amazement its resilience that withstood the massive quakes.

Our hills and mountains still stand strong and ring with the sound of music as our chirping birds still sing their merry tunes. The mountain folks who survived the quakes still know how to smile and welcome trekkers in rebuilt homes as they go about their daily cultural and agricultural chores; preferring to look ahead and not despair as they believe that as destructive as nature can be, Nepal’s mother nature knows also how to give back to those who respect and understand her complex ways.

How Can I Help Nepal in This Dire Situation?

Many people from across the world feel a strong emotional attachment to Nepal and are desperate to do something to help, and the best way to do this is: VISIT US AGAIN! Every dollar that you spend here will help a child go to school, feed a family and create employment for someone. Perhaps most of all, your visit will bring hope to a people who’ve never known tragedy of such proportions. And when you do arrive in Nepal sooner than later, FAMILY ADVENTURE TREKS & EXPEDITIONS will be at the airport to welcome you – not as a tourist – but a mother, father, brother, sister, an uncle or aunt, once in Nepal, you are FAMILY and all the services we provide you will be purely based on that, like one of our own.

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